Sitting next to a 60 something old lady who kept on taking care of her tears all through the 2nd half of jam packed Bin Roye on 5th day of Eid. That sums up the story pretty well, after the super success of Humsafar, the drama serial that made Mahira Khan the household name of Pakistani and Indian entertainment industry, Momina Duraid and Farhat Ishtiaq combo is back with the bang, and this time it’s the silver screen success Bin Roye…. Starring Humayun Saeed, Mahira Khan, Armeena Rana, Javed Sheikh and Zeba Bakhtiar in prominent roles. The trump card of Bin Roye is not Humayun Saeed, not Farhat Ishtiaq or Momina Duraid, its one and only Mahira Khan who carries the entire film on her shoulders I mean you can’t even imagine someone else portraying the role of Saba the girl who was madly in love with his elder cousin Irtiza Played by Humayun Saeed. The production value of the film is good, its glossy and pretty well shot, the location’s of Karachi and USA has been captured pretty well, Momina and Kashmiri the co director kept the grip on film but it’s the 2nd half of the film that takes it to another level,  Screenplay and dialogue’s could have been much better…. Specially the dialogues…… most of the time they sound straight out of any drama serial we watches on HUMTV.

still from BIN ROYE

still from BIN ROYE

Background score and songs are being placed cleverly in the narrative, there is no forceful item number or dancing in the garden songs. Songs by Rahat fateh ali khan, Ankit tiwari and Abida Parvin are the highlight of the film. As far as performance is concerned like I have mentioned in the beginning it’s the Mahira Khan Show from 1st frame till the end, people smiled with her danced with her and cried with her….. she was simply phenomenal to say the least. Humayun Saeed need to work hard on his expressions specially in romantic scene’s he need to understand the difference of acting for cinema and television although he was allright in dramatic and emotional scene’s. Armeena Rana was okay, she did a decent job in her brief role. Javed Sheikh and Zeba were wasted, all they have to do was to deliver routine and formal dialogues that we hear and see daily on our television screen.


  • Stunning performance of Mahira Khan
  • Strong storyline to go with excellent  music
  • Complete family film without any vulgarity and cheap thrills


  • Weak first half, screenplay and editing could have been tighter
  • Expressionless and flat Humayun Saeed



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